Pet Preventative Care

Part of responsible pet ownership is providing your pet with the preventative care necessary to ensure it remains healthy and happy in the future. Preventative pet care is vital for preventing future health complications and illnesses. Whether your pet needs vaccines or a wellness exam to monitor its health and development, Bench Animal Hospital in Boise, ID, has you covered. We are here to tell you about preventative pet care and how it protects your pet’s health and well-being.

Preventative Care

What Is Pet Preventative Care?

Preventative care is a multi-faceted approach to your pet’s health that helps lower the risk of illness or severe health complications. Similarly to regular doctor exams for humans, preventative pet care involves regular checkups with your vet near you to monitor your pet’s health and development. Preventative pet care often includes the following:

•             Wellness exams

•             Vaccines

•             Flea and tick prevention

•             Heartworm prevention

•             Dental exams and cleanings

Wellness Exams for Pets

Our veterinary hospital performs routine check-ups for pets. These wellness exams allow your vet near you to establish baselines for your pet’s health. Doing this helps your vet catch changes in your pet’s condition that warrant attention. Your pet’s wellness visit will include a physical examination of your pet, an evaluation of its heart rate and vital signs, and a dental check-up.

Pet Vaccinations

Vaccines help keep your pet safe from potentially life-threatening diseases. Some vaccinations for pets include:

•             Rabies

•             Distemper

•             Parvovirus

•             Feline panleukopenia virus

•             Feline caliciviruses

Our veterinarian will recommend vaccines based on your pet’s species, vaccination history, age, lifestyle, and environment.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks can affect your pet’s well-being and comfort, potentially leading to several painful symptoms or illnesses. Flea bites often cause allergic reactions in pets and result in severe itchiness and skin irritation. Tick bites can carry diseases that may lead to severe complications. Our veterinarian will provide options for flea and tick prevention, like topical applications or oral medications.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm disease can be fatal in pets. Preventative products are crucial for protecting your pet from these deadly parasites. Our veterinarian can recommend products to keep your pet safe from heartworm infections.

Pet Dental Exam and Cleaning

Your pet’s oral health is integral to its overall health and well-being. Similarly to regular dental check-ups and cleanings for humans, pets require dental exams to maintain healthy teeth and gums. A routine dental check-up and cleaning for pets often includes:

•             Checking for signs of gum disease

•             Looking for tooth decay or other tooth problems

•             Removing plaque from teeth and gums

•             Going over treatment options if needed, such as extractions

Visit Your Vet Near You in Boise, ID, to Protect Your Pet’s Health Today

Preventative pet care can help protect your pet’s health from significant illnesses, so contact Bench Animal Hospital in Boise, ID, to give your pet the care necessary to ensure it lives a long, healthy life. Call us and schedule an appointment at our veterinary hospital today at (208) 345-6771 to keep your pet healthy and happy for the future.



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